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We strive to maintain and increase highway safety in every aspect of our operation.  Safety is of the utmost importance, because the lives and property of our clients as well as the general public is paramount.

Whether you're transporting an oversize load across the state or across the nation, we ensure that your cargo arrives safely and on time, every time.

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SHADOW COMPANY Pro Pilot Car Service is based in Northern Illinois just West of the Chicagoland area. We assist trucking companies in moving oversize loads nationwide throughout the lower 48 contiguous states. Our employees are the backbone of our company.  Many of our drivers have military and/or law enforcement backgrounds.  Attention to detail ensures a safe and assuring experience. Our drivers undergo an extensive training and mentoring program. They gain experience and are evaluated as part of an "on the job training" team before going out on their own.

SHADOW COMPANY Pro Pilot Car Service carries $1 million in commercial vehicle and professional liability insurance.

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Safety is the key... not ALL Pilot Car "Companies" are the same. 

Do your research and know who you are hiring!

SHADOW COMPANY Pro Pilot Car Service

Remember to always protect yourself and beware! It takes more than flashing amber lights, flags, signs and a fluorescent vest to be a pilot car operator. It takes training, certification, experience AND the proper insurance to be safe. Commercial vehicle insurance alone is not enough. The declarations page of an insurance policy will state that the company is insured to operate a pilot car and if it is authorized to perform such services as flagging, height pole and route survey operations. If the escort you hire does not carry the proper insurance, YOU could be liable for any damage or injuries! SHADOW COMPANY Pro Pilot Car Service LLC certifies their drivers and vehicles for well beyond any minimum state or federal insurance requirements. We carry in excess of $1 million in commercial vehicle, general and professional liability insurance. Ask your SHADOW COMPANY driver, they will be happy to provide you with a copy of all the necessary documents. You can rest assured, SHADOW COMPANY has you covered, giving you peace of mind in knowing who you are hiring and who is safely escorting you and your load.